What faith looks like: moving into wide, open-space with God

Originally published Wednesday, 06 February 2013.

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You know that dream of yours, friends? It takes pushing into it, full on. My friend's words encourage me: "All in!" And that's what I want to do--have my heart be all in.

And here it is, this day, an invitation, a chance to lean in close to Him, so close that you can feel His breath on your cheek.

Crazy-awesome-amazing. . . yep, that's what it is.

And His presence, His voice within us, His whispers to come closer, grab His hand, it's all true.

Girls, I am the voice within you, the true place, the rock on which you stand. I am the strength that sustains you, that carries you, that lifts your head. Daughters, do not be weary, do not fear failing at what I've given, just for you, to do. You can't fail with me, child. You just can't. When I am with you, there is no risk. The only risk this day holds is not clinging to Me, not trusting Me, not listening to Me. And I've given you everything you need to do it.

I am here, child. I am for you. I am upholding you. I am the kiss of the air on your cheek, the fragrance of hope, the song of laughter and also a shield. I go before you, into battle. I go before you, behind you, beneath you, around you. I protect you and I also let you go, into the open space, with Me.

You are not alone.

You go, sustained.

You are not faltering.

You walk tall, head lifted, knowing who you are.

You are not fearful.

I am your courage, your strong place, your energy, your resource that never fails and is always faithful.

I am sure. I am true. I am mercy that battles for justice. Oh, girl, my daughter, come with Me. I need you. I want you. Come with me. Come--ever deeper-- into the fold.

I am clinging to Him, leaning in close, as I head into that God-sized-dream He's placed on my heart. Yes, I will go. I will go into that open space with my Father.

What does that open space with God look like?

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