Join the Launch Team and Declare With Me #IAmBreathingEden

Originally published Thursday, 18 August 2016.

I am breathing Eden. Let’s declare this together, shall we?

Declaring I Am Breathing Eden

I think this is the best hashtag ever. (Okay, I admit: I am totally not impartial.)

Throughout the summer, you’ve heard me share about the release, on October 4, of my new book Breathing Eden: Conversations With God On Light, Fresh Air, and New Things via Zeal Books. You know how I believe this book can help women, in their unique life situations, hear God’s response to specific, real-life prayers. 

I want everyone who needs this book to know about it. And I would love your help.

Join the Breathing Eden book launch team!

Let's declare I Am Breathing Eden.

As a member of the team you will get an advance review copy of the book (via mail to US residents), access to a private Facebook group with our team and much more.

In exchange, you’d simply agree to leave a review and help us spread the word.

Interested? (I so hope so!)

Get all the details and sign up here.

Together, let’s help women declare, with their lives, #IAmBreathingEden.

This is going to be awesome, and so much fun. Thank you, sister.

Breathing Eden with you,

Any questions or thoughts about launch team stuff? I’d love to hear them!

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