I made something for you

Originally published Tuesday, 02 August 2016.

I am so grateful for your emails, friends. The ones where you have shared that yes, you are depressed. Yes, marriage is a struggle. Yes, it is a battle to surrender and lay down the urge to have control.

No, we are not alone here. I am so grateful for your vulnerability, your courage, your beautiful faith. You are such encouragement to me.

It made me want to respond, create something for you–us–that we can use when we feel stuck and we aren’t sure how to find the words to pray.

So, I sat down last Thursday afternoon, while the kids were at camp and Justin was on an air plane, and created a book for you. It’s called, Prayers for the Women of Breathing Eden. It is an accompaniment, a layer of understanding and participation, for the readers of Breathing Eden.

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Prayers for the Women of Breathing Eden 3d image

So, if you pre-order Breathing Eden, you will not only receive the first five chapters, you will also receive a special full-color, watercolor-splashed ebook of prayers:

Prayers for the Women of Breathing Eden collage image

If you’ve already pre-ordered and sent me your Amazon receipt, check your email. I am sending you the ebook today. If you haven’t yet pre-ordered, maybe it’s time to go for it? You can do it right here.

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You will receive the introduction and the first five chapters of Breathing Eden (so you don’t have to wait!) and the full color ebook with prayers you can pray right now. Prayers for the Women of Breathing Eden image snapshots

Just send me an email–jennifer@gatherministries.com–and include the image of your Amazon email receipt.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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Want to learn more about this book–Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things–is all about? Click right here.

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