Girl, let it go

Originally published Wednesday, 13 March 2013.


So many days I just don't know where to begin. And I look for answers to beginning in all sorts of crazy places. I can read all sorts of advice that strives to straighten me out: 10 steps to freedom, a checklist to joy, a guide to a surrendered life. Oh, how I get distracted by my attempts to get myself in order.

I am all discombobulated, a little girl-grown women whose heart is scattered to a million places and she can't find right where she is. I care about words here . . . and right now, I am just going to close my eyes and not look at the screen . . .'Cause I can get tired of caring about them so much, too.

Girl, let it go.

I am tired of thinking and worrying about what the most productive thing is to do with my time this day, this moment. I want to just sit here and feel okay about just sitting.  I want to not feel guilty about it or that I am throwing a fit by slowing.

I want to watch how the light shines in through white shutters in my girl's bedroom window in March, the way late afternoon rays illuminate painted yellow on a Sunday. I want to sit on the floor of her messy room and not ask her to clean it. I want to smile at Valentine heart balloons in her doll cradle and admire her peach dance recital tutu draped over the railing of her old, white wooden bed. 

Maybe I don't have to figure out what the next moment holds. Maybe I can just curl up next to my daughter, her warm shoulder pressed into my side and inhale the sweet smell of her hair. Maybe I can sit curled up next to her, ensconced within purple gingham fabric walls atop floor pillows and a not-so-comfortable stuffed dog. I want to lean my head back and look up at the tissue paper poufs she's got hanging up high and agree: yes, I do believe I belong here.

Here. Doing this. Doing this something . . . that feels like nothing . . . that feels like something.

I want to write without worrying about the words so much and talk without second guessing my expressions. I want to move into space where time doesn't feel pressed too close. That space where He always is but I forget--and then remember--and I breath easy again and smile.

Yesterday I went out to the side yard and made mud pies. Cold dirt slipped through my hands and my daughter and I knelt close and made a cake that we scooped up onto plastic plates and served up as a weekend snack for her daddy and the boys. She asks me to tell her stories of what life was like for me as a little girl--moments playing King-of-the-Mountain in the huge compost pile and running barefoot through almond orchard and yes, making mud pies when the sprinklers soaked the ground and the dirt squished between our toes.

I think I will tell her another story tonight. And I read her these words aloud now, her smile shining bright.

Yes, I need to snuggle in close. I am here, letting my Father soften this hard ground. 

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