When you need to make it through

Originally published Monday, 15 February 2016.

faith bridge

"Amazing encounters and experiences with God don't come in ordinary ways.  They often come through adversity and difficulty." ~ Graham Cooke

When talking about finding your place in this big wide world, it's often unclear and a challenge to discover your purpose.  Rarely do we receive a holy green light or have all the pieces in place before moving forward unless, perhaps, you are Moses.

Have you ever wondered if Moses knew what he was signing up for?  I recently reread his history in the Bible and discovered something that I have missed many years from reading his story over and over.

Moses spent most of his life in misery.  Read his Exodus story.  

As a baby, he was given up by his mom, raised by Pharaoh's daughter, became a prince in the Pharaoh's palace, (even though he was a Hebrew), and because he killed he ran away to Midian as an outcast.  Meanwhile, back in Egypt, the Isrealites were enslaved for years and cried out to the Lord for deliverance.  God sent a burning bush (which had to intrigue Moses somewhat) and had a discussion with him.  God said to Moses, "I am sending you to Pharaoh (back to the place where Moses was running from) to bring my people, the Isrealites, out of Egypt." (Exodus 3)

Now here's where it gets good...Moses stuttered and stammered around about his assignment.  Moses replied, "Who am I, that I should go...?" He responded with the lack of faith and a lot of doubt.  God, the 'I AM', only promised that He would be with Moses.  So it was back to misery for Moses.

Although, along the way through those miserable years Moses witnessed miracle after miracle, even with the ten plagues.  Imagine Moses being the bearer of bad news to Pharaoh with killing of the first born in every family in Egypt.  Talk about fear! Yet, Moses conquered his fear and did what the Lord asked him to do with his simple faith and the promise that the Lord would always be with him.

Was there any doubt that the Lord was with Moses?  No.

Was there any doubt that Moses heard the Lord's voice?  No.

Was there any doubt that the Lord wouldn't deliver on his promise to Moses?  No.

No, not now that we are looking back.  It's easy to say that faith worked for Moses.  But what about you?

When faith is activated, it's the only thing you need to move forward.  Faith triumphs over doubt and conquers the biggest misery.  God has turned my misery into a miracle with losing over 100 + pounds.  I didn't know that I was signing up for in this, but because I had faith that God wanted this for me, I obeyed and had faith that He was with me and would help me.

You  might say, "Anyone can lose weight!" and yes, that is true when you take in less calories than you expend.  It has taken a lot of miserable years to get to where I am today.  It hasn't been easy and I've sweat like a man, but in this misery I am also maintaining this lifestyle of good health by faith and my relationship in God.  Without a doubt, I won't slip up and gain every ounce back.

I recently made a decision about a big thing in my life.  I didn't stew over it like I would have years ago, nor did I have any anxiety about moving forward.  When the opportunity came to make a commitment, I didn't hesitate.  I just knew it was the right move and didn't question it.  In other words I activated my faith to believe that God was in this decision and was granting access to His answer according to what I was praying for.  I was trusting Him for the answer as only He could supply.  

My faith had me ready to act instead of react with fear and worry.

I didn't need a confirmation because it came by faith.  I wasn't anxious about the result because I trusted God to provide.  I didn't fret over something that could have caused me great angst.  When you are praying for something that takes more of God to accomplish, by faith I believe He will answer that prayer and my part is to trust in God's goodness.  

All of you are looking to heaven for something.  I believe that.  I also have faith that God wants to bless you.  I believe that God wants to bless all His children and it gives Him great delight to do so.  Often blessing looks like misery.  By receiving the gift of faith it helps us trust God's character and believe He is with us in the misery as He prepares the miracles ahead.

Faith is a gift and having faith pleases God.  When we believe God for who He is then our faith gives us access to His supernatural ways!  Often, God is working in others to bring your blessing together.  What I love about God's ways is that He has a plan for us and we only have a small part in His purpose.

Your part is to trust and obey Him.  If having desert years with a simple faith is all it takes to see the miracles, well, you don't need a bush on fire to tell you that!  Faith will lead you from misery THROUGH to the Promise every time!