What I found at the end of my weight loss tunnel

Originally published Thursday, 19 March 2015.

If you take one glance at the magazine racks as you are checking out of any grocery store, they will remind you of the image that is popular these days.  The covers boast all sizes, shapes, fashion and the latest trends.  The glossy shines bright, best, and beautiful.  The look of the world is defined by a certain designer’s perspective or glamour expert.  

Being defined by man’s standards is always a dangerous place to be and a deadly place to put yourself.  When we focus on what man’s view of how we should look, be, or live up to, we soon forget God’s perspective of us and what we were created for.  To believe that we were created to reflect the glory of God takes practice and focus on how He created us.

We were created from His image and that He is our creator.  If you need a reminder of how God sees you, raise your hand?  Don’t we all?

In today’s world, where glamour is instant, easily attained, and socially pinned, we pale in measuring up in the world’s beauty mirror and fail to see God’s beauty in us.  How many of you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see?  How many of you look at your reflection and only see the failures and flaws?

You can change your perspective and see yourself as God sees you.  It only takes a few new habits to seeing yourself through God’s eyes.  Research shows that it takes three weeks to learn something new.  This won’t happen overnight but it will bring to light what’s hidden from your view.  Hang in there and let’s dig into who God says you are!

At the end of my weight loss tunnel, I had to grapple with who I was created to be.

Step 1:  Begin each day, from this day forward, by asking God to reveal how He sees you…simply because you are his child!

Step 2:  Concentrate on the truth that He shows you and the verse(s) that the Holy Spirit gives you!

Step 3:  Read and pray for the Lord to change your perspective for a heavenly view of your heart and soul.

Step 4:  Reinforce Scripture passages by highlighting them in your Bible and posting them on your mirror!

Step 5:  Write your personal prayers and put them where you need the reminders the most!

Step 6:  Repeat the truth to yourself often.  With a grateful heart, acknowledge that you have infinite worth in the eyes of your heavenly Father.

By following God’s beauty plan, He will move in you to see yourself from His point of view.  That’s a beauty regime to stick with.  It’s a no fail plan and doesn’t point out flaws.  Soon you too will see with God’s eyes the way He sees you, the way He sees us all.  Loved, beautiful, and righteous!

This one simple practice will result in such change from the inside out.  I know you are looking to see you...right?

Why is this so important?  Every person born into this world has had difficulty with identity at one time or another in their lives.  We all struggle with our self-image.  When we strive to be everyone else but the “you” God created, then we are giving control to those things that control our perspectives in life.  When we are anchored in the truth of Christ, we give the Holy Spirit control in what matters most in our life.  We then see the vision that God has for each of us, one of immense value, purpose and an identity shaped by Christ and not by the world.  That’s an image those magazines will never reflect.

How do you see yourself and does it measure up to what God says about you?