Wedges Aren't My Style

Originally published Friday, 05 May 2017.

Wedges Aren’t My Style

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Wedges Aren’t My Style

I don’t take my husband shoe shopping.  I like that he doesn’t go with me and usually, he’s good with my choices.  However, I wasn’t always like this.  The reason I don’t take him is because I like to choose my shoes according to style.  He chooses his shoes according to fit.  I have realized two things about my husband.  He is usually right about my choices in shoes and the expensive running shoes are worth it.  I tend to cut corners when it’s attractive and stylish.  I think pretty but not functional.  My latest pair of running shoes has a rock plate.  I can sustain rocks and rough terrain on the road.  Unattractive, never the less, they’ve held their own.

I guess he is right more than I would like to admit.  Choose the right shoe for the win.

Wins in life will cost you, but you can’t cut corners.