My word for the new year!

Originally published Wednesday, 30 December 2015.

holding hands

I'm one of those girls that enjoys praying through a word for an entire year. Not only does it keep you focused on a simple thought, but God will often define it in ways that you haven't thought of before.  I started with the word Rest which led to Hope which led to Freedom which led to Vision which led to this year's word.

For me it's more about God teaching me beyond the normal word to a deeper meaning of living in the Word. Each word feels like a new adventure with digging in deeper to apply it in my personal life and the Holy Spirit has shown me more of His character by the definition in such a personal way.

It’s hard to focus on one thing. Overall, the process is good, but going through it all it's sometimes not fun, but this process is rewarding in many ways.  Here are a few declarations that have come from my digging in deeper...

When I looked for clarity, God taught me to submission to Sovereignty.

When I looked for an end to my waiting, God taught me His purpose in abiding.

When I looked for truth, and God uncovered subtle lies.

When I needed hope, God showed His promises.

When I needed comfort, He taught me to listen.

When I wanted direction, God showed me His protection.

When I needed strength, God exposed my weaknesses.

When I searched for His heart, God took me back to the cross.

When I needed resolution, God showed me fear.

When I needed His light, He uncovered my darkness.

When I craved confidence, God showed me my pride.

When I couldn't feel freedom, God showed me my chains.

When I prayed for understanding, God showed me trust.

When I came looking for something, God showed up. It often didn't look like what I expected but seeking Him was always right and good. So no matter if you have a "word" for this year or not, the same principal remains true. If you put God first and foremost in your life, the rest are just details.

God's presence arrives gentle and small with some big life lessons. The biggest lesson taught by our great Teacher is how to be teachable and humbly love well. So it's with great joy that I embrace my word for 2016!   Remain!

After all, there's no room to stay stuck in my walk of faith. Daily I pick up where we (God and me) left off and rest on the hope that my freedom carries vision to become ALL that God has planned while here on earth. Until He gives me the word, "It's time to go Home!" I'm here serving Him with all the power I can take in, to bring life to all!