Why Can't We Just Get Along?

Originally published Wednesday, 03 July 2013.

Do you have someone in your life- a family member, friend, co-worker—whom you just can’t get along with? Did something happen in your past with them that has left you both broken and feeling like the relationship is past salvaging? Are you ready to move forward with your life, to find peace and maybe even find a way to repair those broken relationships? If so, Shelley Hendrix’s newest book is for you.

Why Can’t We Just Get Along? 6 Effective Skills for Dealing with Difficult People is a great resource for women who want to look more honestly at their relationship issues and take control of their own lives, regardless of the choices that others make. Shelley unpacks six different principles that will help readers be at peace with those people in our lives that are difficult to get along with:

1. Offer Yourself as a Living Sacrifice
2. Accept and Appreciate the Differences You See in Others
3. Live Out of Who God Says You Are
4. Choose Friends Wisely
5. Choose Forgiveness
6. Become a Dispenser of Grace

Shelley discusses each of these in her book, drawing from her own personal experiences to help readers take back control over their own attitudes and peace. Below is a conversation we had with Shelley about the book; she talks about how we can break free from bitterness and what it’s important to forgive others who have wounded us.

iBelieve.com: How can I break free from bitterness? - Shelley Hendrix from ibelievedotcom on GodTube.

 To learn more about Shelley, visit her website, www.shelleyhendrix.org. You can also pick up a copy of Why Can’t We Just Get Along here