Stories Around the Web - May 10

Originally published Friday, 10 May 2013.

Here are a few awesome stories and articles we've seen this week around the web. Feel free to add your own in the comments section!

“Dear Teachers Everywhere...” by Jen Hatmaker
It’s Teacher Appreciation Week- have you thanked a teacher in your life or in your child's life? They deserve it!

It’s one thing to have parents who sort of have to love you; it’s another to have a teacher affirm your goodness all year long. You know our kids come home and repeat every kind word you deliver, right? I close my eyes and thank God that another safe adult is building health into my children, especially since two of my kids have been subjected to such unsafe grown-ups. Your consistent presence is deeply healing for so many hurt kids.

Iranian-American Pastor Spends Birthday in Solitary Confinement
As much as we can, we’re going to keep highlighting Christian persecution in this blog. We need to open our eyes and our hearts to our brothers and sisters suffering for their faith. Please be praying for Pastor Abedini, for his release and his health.

Abedini was sentenced on Jan. 27 for threatening “national security,” a catch-all phrase often used by Iranian courts to imprison converts from Islam for various sorts of evangelistic activities.

In late April he was put into solitary confinement following a “peaceful, silent protest” in an outside courtyard with other prisoners over the lack of medical care and threats against visiting family members, according to Mohabat News Agency.

He and nine others were placed into solitary confinement. Abedini suffers severe internal bleeding from beatings.

A Commercial (Accidently) Done Right via House Honcho
Not only is this Publix Commercial a touching Mother’s Day tribute, it’s also unintentionally pro-life. (Click the link above to view)

Ian and Larissa: One Year Later via Desiring God
If you aren’t familiar with Ian and Larissa, here is their story. It’s an incredible testimony of unconditional love. One year later, the couple talks with Tony Reinke of Desiring God about what God about the response their story first got and how the couple is doing now.

I (Larissa), have been surprised by how the video has affected people. I thought that more people would be affected by our relationship. But the majority of responses we have are from people who have suffered from or care for someone who suffers from a disability. God has used Ian so much to provide hope for people who are struggling, which is a beautiful thing.


What did we miss? What was the best story you read this week? What stories do we need to pay attention to? Share with us in the comments section!