Quiz: Can You Match the Bible Verse to the Correct Book?

Originally published Friday, 03 October 2014.

You've probably heard these verses for years, maybe even committed them to memory. But just how good is your memory when it comes to books of the Bible? Test your knowledge by taking the newest online quiz from Crosswalk.com: Can You Match the Bible Verse to the Correct Book?

This quiz is a test of trivia. Which gospel contains the famous verse on the Great Commission? Who tells us to obey our parents? Who insists we should honor the King? (We hope you remember to "act justly" and "love mercy" and "walk humbly with your God," but we won't cheat and tell you which book that's from!).

Be sure to share your results in the comments below. And don't forget to share with friends! And of course, if you want to brush up on studying the Bible, visit BibleStudyTools.com. You can also take MORE original Bible trivia quizzes over here at Christianity.com!

"I have hidden your word in my heart..." (Psalm 119:11).



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