7 Easy No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Originally published Monday, 28 September 2015.

Pumpkin carving is fun, but let’s face it— it’s also messy! And my carved pumpkins never quite look like they do in the pictures. Which is why we are so in love with these no carve pumpkin ideas! Here are 7 easy no carve ideas that work perfectly beside your fireplace or on your front porch. Be sure to share your favorite no carve ideas in the comments section! 

Embellished Pumpkins

Here’s a super easy and elegant pumpkin craft from InspirationLane. Simply get a few white pumpkins, and glue on sequins. We love these spirals but you could do any design you want! 

Button Pumpkins

How cute is this button pumpkin from Better Homes and Gardens? This is the perfect craft for any seamstress who happens to have a big button collection! The cute bow tied to the stem gives it a preppy, fun look! 

Thumb Tack Pumpkins

If crafting isn’t your strong suit, these thumb tack pumpkins from No Biggie are for you! This couldn’t be any easier— just buy some thumb tacks and spell out whatever you want on your pumpkins!  

Mummy Pumpkin

Ok- how adorable is this?! All you need for this mummy pumpkin from Tied Up With String is some torn, lacy fabric and googly eyes! 

Candy Corn Pumpkins

These Candy Corn pumpkins from Pop Sugar are seriously sweet. Spray paint is all you need for a cute and easy front porch decoration! 

Ribbon Pumpkins

This idea from Decorating Your Small Space is the perfect craft for your dining room table or fireplace mantle. You can use scrap ribbons or go get some ribbons that match your room. Simply hot glue them down and you’re done! 

Simple Stencil Pumpkins 

Another easy no carve idea from How Does She, all these pumpkins require are stenciled letters and some paint! 

What are your favorite no carve pumpkin ideas? Let us know in the comments section!