5 Reasons Why Christians Should See Noah in Theaters

Originally published Friday, 28 February 2014.

Many Christian bloggers and media sites have offered their take on the upcoming Noah movie from director Darren Aronofsky and Parmount Pictures. According to early screenings and a disclaimer from the movie website, the film is likely to take some creative license with the events of Genesis 6–9.

So, should Christians see it? At our sister site Crosswalk.com, managing editor Shawn McEvoy offers 5 reasons he will see it:

But even with such ponderables and warnings floating around, many believers are cautiously anticipating seeing Noah on the big screen in a few weeks. Here's why:

1. It's the Year of the 'Christian Movie'. We're at the start of a year in which many biblical and Christian stories are coming to the screen. Earlier today in fact I posted Christian Hamaker's review of Son of God on Crosswalk, an imperfect but fairly well-executed telling of the life of Christ. We'll also see Heaven is for RealExodus, and Mary, with possibilities for Cain & Abel and Pontius Pilate on the horizon. This is an intriguing trend. It may turn out to mean nothing, or it could be the start of another golden age of biblical epics. Those of us who are deeply interested in themes of hope, love, sacrifice, redemption, and forgiveness in film, and who have been disappointed by the quality of many works of 'Christian art,' are invested in finding out.

Find out the rest of his reasons on Crosswalk.com.