Worry and Faith: Releasing It All to God

Originally published Tuesday, 01 September 2015.

Last month, God unexpectedly put it on Paul (my husband) and I’s heart to sell our house. This July marks just two short years that we have lived here, so we weren’t necessarily planning on moving so quickly. Regardless of our plans, we know God’s plans are greater.

When God asks you to do something, you just do it.CLICK TO TWEET

Within seven days, we had a contract on the house and began the process of getting ready to move.

God has been paving the way and giving us grace and more grace throughout these last several weeks, including favor and financial blessings, but there has also been resistance.

The devil doesn’t want you to walk in God’s will and will try everything he can to stop you.

And as I type that out, the song “No Weapon” by Fred Hammondplays on my Pandora station.

*God wink*

God will do what He said He would do

He will stand by His Word

He will come through…

We are just 10 days out from our move and 15 days out from closing on the house. And yesterday, we found out that our gas inspection did not pass because we need to replace our furnace. On top of that unexpected news, Isaiah (my son) was also fighting a terrible cough all day, so my faith was already being tested with his healing. This furnace situation was just more than I could take at the moment.

My first reaction was panic.

How are we going to afford a new furnace, God?!

We already have to pay for rent at our new place and a pet deposit!

You know that we only have one income! Why did you ask me to stay home with Isaiah if money was going to be so tight?!

After I shed a few tears and set aside my frustration, I simply lifted my hands in surrender and prayed:


This situation is in Your hands.

I will not worry.

I will trust and believe You will work all of this out.

That was it. I went on with the rest of my day and didn’t let that panic grip me any longer.

I released it to God.

How many times do we let our circumstances overtake us and become bigger than God?

How many times do we hang onto our situations to feel like we have some control over what is going on?

I know I have too many to count.

But yesterday, I chose to put an end to that worry and fear that the enemy intended for my harm.

Yesterday, I chose to believe God was bigger than my problem.

He gives us wisdom to make the difficult decisions, and provides the solution every time.

Even in the midst of the unknown, I choose to trust.

Isn’t that what our faith is for anyway?

I’ll continue to release worry to God and at the same time, release my faith to believe He will take care of it all!

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