"Threes" Mini-Series Part 1: The Three Key Limits Your Marriage Needs

Originally published Thursday, 15 March 2012.


In marriage, there are certain limits you can really learn to love. 

The other day, I was in a hurry to pick the kids up from one of their activities.  I was trying to avoid being late when I came to my usual intersection.

Suddenly above me was a new no-left turn sign. “You’re kidding!” I thought.  “I have to go the long way?  I’m going to be late!”

The truth:  In fact, I needed that no-left turn sign.  Trying to make a left at that light was a recipe for getting side-swiped.  The new sign would keep traffic flowing much more safely.

The other truth: it wasn’t the sign’s fault that I was running late.

The traffic sign was a limit I came to love.

Our marriages can also be derailed by wrong turns. Limits are a way to help us stay on track.  What kinds of limits help keep our marriages flowing smoothly?

  1. The limit of time:  Do you use your time well?  The Bible tells us to “number our days wisely.”  We don’t have unlimited time, energy or resources.  We must parcel these things out. Invest your time wisely in your spouse.
  2. The limit of choice:  We have many choices in marriage.  We are incredibly free to choose, perhaps more so than at any other time in history.  But that also means we are free to make rotten choices. Every action we take – how we spend our money, how we care for our health, how we use our words – affects our spouses.  Make the choice that builds your marriage.
  3. The limit of prayer: Prayer is a bottom line.  Why?  Because prayer feeds our thoughts.  And thoughts lead to actions. Prayer should be the headwaters of our thought life.  What we put in is what comes pouring out, into our actions, decisions, and relationships.

In life and in marriage, we need limits.  Let’s embrace them.

Question:  What limits do you follow in your marriage?  How do they work for you?



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