Those Imperfect Seasons Of Motherhood

Originally published Monday, 18 June 2012.


In motherhood, have you noticed that there are seasons when everything is going smoothly? 

I have.  During the good season, the kids are happy and balanced.  So is the marriage, and so am I.  The fridge has healthy stuff stocked, lots of it.  I’ve got patience and sweetness to spare.

But then the other seasons come around, too.  Everyday events catch up, then take over. Crises emerge. Patience and sweetness go out the window. In terms of quality time (or meals), it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves.

Over time, I’ve come to see that these imperfect seasons of motherhood are inevitable. But rather than getting trapped in a cycle of guilt and worry,  I’ve begun to learn something valuable from them.  Here’s what I’ve learned to do (so far):

1.  I accept my imperfections. Oh how I wish that I could be that perfect mom! That I could wisely equip our children for life and respond to them with love and patience everyday. But there are season when I can’t. Is God’s grace in all of our lives enough to cover the tab for my imperfections?  Yes. His Grace is sufficient!

2.  I start anew. Even when I mess up, the story is not over.  There is always time to go to God. To seek His counsel and calm. If forgiveness is needed from anyone, I can ask for it.  Then, refueled, I can begin again.

3.  I hand them over.  For me, this piece is foundational: the knowledge that our kids ultimately belong to Him.  He is their Maker and their Heavenly Father.  What I can only begin to hope for in their lives, He will accomplish, easily, perfectly, in the twinkling of an eye.

As I learn to rely on God’s perfection, I can better accept my own imperfections as a mom. I can work on them without becoming overwhelmed by them.

I believe it’s a healthier dynamic for us all.

Question:  What about you?  Do you get bogged down when you’re not the mom you’d like to be?  Or can you bring that to God for repair and refueling?


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