5 Things I Learned From A Roomful Of Successful Christian Business Women

Originally published Tuesday, 10 April 2012.


Last week, I had the privilege and great joy of speaking to a group of Godly dynamos, the women of J4.

J4 is a group of Christian business women, founded by Lisa Schulz of CNL Financial Group,  who want to serve and lead for Christ. From bankers to small business owners, we gathered to follow our Father.

The topic was this:  How do we focus on God in the middle of our (often) busy, hectic lives?

Let’s get straight to it.  Here are the Top 5 Things I heard and learned:

1)  ”I pray from 5-5:30am every day.  That is the official start and direction to my day.”

2)  “The first time I walked into this room of women, I  felt I was the one who probably had it together the least!  But now I realize that in some ways, all of us feel that way.  We’re all thirsting for the living water.”

3)  “I know all the right steps I’m supposed to do, but now God wants me totake them!  He is waiting for me.  I want to know how to do that!”  (Lots of laughter and amens to that one.)

4) “Pray continually.  I know it may seem strange to do in the workplace.  But that’s what we need to be doing.”

5)  “I find that God doesn’t come to me in my busy-ness.  What kind of a leader am I when I’m in that mode?  I need to slow down and linger: with Him, with the people around me.  That’s when I meet Him.”





Now what about you?

The collected wisdom of your Christian sisters is a precious gem!  Do you seek to share your walk, your hopes, and your challenges with the women God has placed in your life?

Ecclesiastes 4:11-13 reads: 

By yourself, you’re unprotected.  WIth a friend, you can face the worst.  Can you round up a third?  A three-stranded rope is not easily snapped.

Try it out this week:  Get involved in a community of Christian women.  Reach out, to encourage and be encouraged!  You have so much to offer, and much to receive as well.  This is a gift, waiting to be unwrapped. 













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