Dr. Ann's Coaching Corner

Originally published Wednesday, 05 September 2012.


Dr. Ann,

As wives, moms, and professional women, we are pulled in different directions all the time. What are some things that we can do to remain faithful and joyful in each of those areas without losing our minds while following God's plan for our lives? Is it possible to do this consistently?


Dr. Mari


Dear Dr. Mari,

I love your thoughtful question.  It ‘s definitely a struggle we all face not to lose the forest for the trees. On those days when we're running around like octopi on caffeine, it can be easy to forget the purpose and promises God has for us!

So then, here are three straightforward things we can do to remain faithful and joyful, in the midst of our days: 

*Pray without ceasing. Put into place a time to pray, even if it's small, and stick to it "ceaselessly" each day.  Wait, you say - we’re supposed to pray more when we’re busier than ever?!  Doesn’t this seem counterintuitive?  Yet the busier we are, the more we need to be grounded in a real, true direction.  The funny thing is that taking the extra time to get grounded in prayer actually brings us to a place where we think more clearly, act more efficiently, and find more joy in everything we are doing.  We should go straight to the Source!  

*Create a list of  the urgent and the important. Commit to getting through one item on your list of important items this week, no matter what. Important items tend to be things that matter most deeply, and often involve the people we love. Don’t let the urgent crowd out the things that matter most.

*Take time to step outside.  We often need a physical change of pace and scenery to allow our hearts to refresh.  Renew the body, and the mind and the spirit gladly follow.  

May this be a joyful start on your faithful journey!


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