Why You Should Cultivate A Vision For Your Marriage

Originally published Monday, 18 June 2012.

Why You Should Cultivate A Marriage Vision

When you go on a trip, do you start out out with the end in mind?

Except for a few free-wheeling summers during and after college, I’m basically a planner.  I realize this may not be the most exciting thing to say!  Yet here’s the truth: my most fruitful endeavors happen when I have a definite endpoint in mind.

To truly blossom, your big dreams require a target.  A goal.  A vision.


On any journey, the one thing we can expect is the unexpected.

Detours and potholes will happen.

This is true whether we are that marathoner getting ready for the next race, or a woman building her career.  It’s true for us as moms, planning our daily get-through-the-to-do list.

It’s also very true in our marriages.

Because this is one long journey!  Here’s a guarantee:

No matter how long you’ve dated, pondered, reflected, and planned, major detours will come.  Here come the unplanned events, crises, and changes of every stripe and color: emotional, fiscal, physical, familial – you name it!  If they haven’t paid a visit to your marriage yet, they will.

These are the brutal facts.  

But there is good news.

A clear vision for your marriage can keep you on your course.

For example, here’s my current marriage vision: 

~ In my marriage, I aim to grow my ability to nourish and encourage my husband.

~ I accept that it won’t always be easy.  I expect tough circumstances and trials.

~ I will continually turn to God for fuel to keep me on my journey. My marriage will be a real-life reflection of my reliance on God.

~ Our union will not only be a blessing to my husband, but also to our children, our families and friends, and our community near and far.

My vision is subject to change, depending on circumstances and seasons.  But I like to have some sort of vision before me.

Remember, your marriage is the most intense, enduring relationship you will have on this earth.  A vision gives you a map for your journey together.

In short:  build a vision for where you want your marriage to go! 

Question:  Do you have a vision for your marriage? What destination do you want for your marriage journey?


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