Project Restoration, Not Rubble.

Originally published Wednesday, 12 February 2014.

You know how awesome technology is these days?

Well, not always.

Sometimes it does nothing you want it to and I was totally having one of those days recently.

My ipod, for whatever reason, was glitching and not letting me turn up the volume and such.

So, I called Apple and after about forty-five minutes of them finally understanding what the actual issue was, they gave me a few small instructions and that baby was workin’ like a champ!

I still am not quite sure what they told me to do/probably couldn’t do it again if you paid me BUT it did make me realize something.

We are really quick to call it quits sometimes.

We deem things “useless” because they don’t work exactly how we’d like or we call situations “hopeless” because they turned out much different than we planned.

It’s like with my ipod- I was going to give it the boot but something in me told me I should consult the one who made my ipod before I gave it the shaft and guess what?

With the click of a few buttons, it was reset and good to go!

Maybe I am far off but don’t you think that’s how God & us works?!

We mess up.

We make mistake after mistake.

We take the wrong turn.

We form destructive habits.

We run towards things and people that hurt us.

We become broken.





But then Jesus steps in the picture, the very Potter who formed us and calls us His children, and clicks a few buttons.

His promises for our lives refreshes our systems.

His forgiveness of our sins erases our hurtful history.

He reprograms.



And absolutely restores.

He takes what would have been useless and makes it prize-worthy.

He makes poor and pitiful into precious and powerful.

As I look around at our world today, as I read the stories in the news, as I look at my own life and the lives of those around me, I see an ongoing trend.

For some reason, we have let ourselves think that it is people whom we must place our hope in and when they disappoint? Well, it is game over.

But you see, it was never the people themselves that we must invest our hope in.

It has always been Jesus.

And it will always be Jesus.

And the coolest part about that is that there is nothing and no one that is beyond repair.

The work of His hands makes all things well.

Whether it be the tough things going on in your personal life, the horrible events you have seen on the news or just life in general, I promise you that you can count on one thing:

God is a God of restoration.

Sometimes the way He rebuilds things is not the way you would’ve expected or preferred or the comfortable way you would have rebuilt them for yourself.

But that’s why He is God and you are you 

As if when a plate drops and the Potter puts it back together, maybe each little morsel doesn’t look the exact same as it did before.

But the beauty isn’t found in the replication of the original, it is found in the restoration of the broken.

Maybe God wants you to stop seeing piles of rubble in your life and wants you to see visions of a new foundation He is building?

Maybe God wants you to stop relying on your “feelings” so much in the flesh and just stand on what you know in your spirit: He CAN restore.

I am not sure what any of this means for you or if it tugs on your heartstrings with what your current life situation is, but I am praying that we all start seeing rubble as a sign of future restoration rather than permanent ruin.

God is God!

And I know this might really surprise you, but He knows more than the Apple people who fixed my Ipod.

He made the Apple peeps, okay?

Trust Him to restore and claim what He has told you: It is finished.

Love y’all!

“God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?” -Numbers 23:19