Eat the carrots.

Originally published Saturday, 20 July 2013.

I recently tweeted: I wish carrots tasted like Cheez-its.

Because, I do.

Wouldn’t that be so awesome?!?!!

You might be surprised by this, but they taste nothing alike and they never will.

I started thinking about this recently and I have been deeply reminded of an important truth:

Sometimes you have to push through on doing things that suck (my mom will get on me for using that word, but it is necessary right now).

I think we have all been in a state of “wishing for the magic pill” at one point or another, or maybe even often.

It’s advertised EVERYWHERE.

Think about it: Advertisements are usually false promises that ensure products will do the work for us, fill the empty hole we are searching to fill or that all we need is ONE MORE THING to make us feel that euphoric feeling.

My brain automatically reverts to working out, as it is something I have always tried to do on a daily basis (keyword: tried).

Let’s be real: Working out is just plain AWFUL sometimes. Or at least the start of it.

There are times when I’ve been driving to the gym when I would rather clean the entire White House than go run on a treadmill.

But I go.


Because cheez-its taste nothing like carrots and unfortunately, there are times where we just have to get over the fact that what we are doing is not always “fun” in the short-run.

We have to suck it up and be obedient.

We have to continue moving forward when it feels far more comfortable to remain stagnant.

We have to push ourselves because honestly, our own minds are often what limit us.

I am notorious for allowing myself to be caught in this vortex of THINKING about how “un-fun” something is rather than just attacking it and getting it over with.

THEN by the time I’ve spent an hour thinking about it, I have successfully convinced myself that I am incapable of doing what I needed to do instead of already being done with it!

CRAZINESS, people!!!!!

But that’s what we do.

We spend time wishing carrots tasted like cheez-its.

Or rather, we spend time eating the cheez-its and wishing we looked like we ate carrots.

HA! That would be kinda awesome if that were possible.

But it’s not.

SO, I encourage you to stick to your goals.

The promises you’ve made to yourself.

The things on your list that you never can manage to cross off because your mind has gotten the best of you.

Sometimes we have to trek through the muddy water to get to the clear ocean. It’s just part of life.

Praying for you, friends!

Thankful for a Jesus who is completely okay with the fact that He has to remind me carrots will never taste like cheez-its and that obedience, persistence and hard work is often the “magic pill” we’ve been searching for all the time.

Eat the carrots, whatever that means for your life. Make the decision to stick with something and don’t look back.


“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” -Colossians 3:23