Do your puzzle & enjoy the ride!

Originally published Friday, 28 June 2013.

Can I just tell you something that drives me absolutely, insanely, positively, without a doubt BONKERS?!?!


Let me just tell you, I could have parked my car, painted my fingernails, jumped out of my car-had a picnic (made the hamburgers myself too), put together a 1,000 piece puzzle and gotten back in my car without having moved an inch.

Obviously, I was a little frustrated. Can ya tell?

Anywho, in typical fashion, I looked up after nearly banging my forehead on the steering wheel, and two little kids were making faces at me in the back of their mom’s mini-van.

I mean, one kid was UPSIDE DOWN (which is another story in itself…safety first?).

I had to laugh at myself.

Really, Cleere? It’s TRAFFIC.

You are driving a car.

With gas, which you can afford to put in your tank.

With a nature valley granola bar in your mouth, which you can afford to eat.

With the music on, which is freely given to you.

With the sunshine in your face, also of no cost to you.

With two hilariously, awkward, upside-down, lollipop-licking kids making faces at you.

And you’re THAT frustrated?




Really though, do you ever find yourself just taking life too seriously?  Your emotions start to get the best of you and instead of jumping off that rollercoaster, you buckle up and ride it like nobody’s business.

Seriously, I think Satan loves traffic.

Because it makes people SO angry.

But God, being God, uses it to change peoples hearts all the time.

Like, mine. Today.

Thankfully (yes- I said thankfully), I still had twenty minutes left in the car at this point to enjoy the sunshine, my granola bar, the music ringing in my ears and the two hilariously, energetic jumping beans in the back of their mom’s car.

I found myself going,, “Jesus. How often do I allow myself to get caught up? I mean, it’s like a vortex and suddenly, I am frustrated and ungrateful again. I am SO sorry! I am THANKFUL for where I am, right here, right now.”

God is not surprised by this.

Nor is he confused why we forget.

We are wired to be lured by our fleshly desires, driven by our sinful ways and bound by our small thought processes…until, Jesus.

Therefore, it is natural that we must RE-CALIBRATE everyday.

Maybe some days, it is every five minutes.

Or in Dallas traffic, you just might have to re-calibrate every moment you’re alive.

Life is a JOURNEY.

It is a PROCESS.

It is rough.

It tests our patience.

But we must not take ourselves too seriously.

We were created to LIVE and ENJOY the ride.

If you think for even a hot second that true joy only arrives when you arrive at your destination, you will find that you missed it all along the way.

It does not leave you at Point A until you arrive at Point B.

It was always there.

Sit back.

Relish in the sunshine He has made.

Eat your granola bar.

Turn on your tunes.

Pray for the people ahead of you in traffic who do not know Jesus (for real though).

And let your footsteps be light enough to LAUGH at the lollipop-licking kids along the way.

Traffic is inevitable my friend so you better bring your 1,000 piece puzzle and learn to enjoy the ride 

Besides, like the sign says, you aren’t making it to work on time anyway. You might as well make the most of it!

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” -Proverbs 17:22