Why is Good Friday so Good?

Originally published Friday, 30 March 2018.

On the Friday before Easter Christians celebrate what we call Good Friday. Today we honor the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross. The day He was publically ridiculed, disrespected, and mocked. Today was the day He died, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of His followers and diminishing their hope for the great King they anticipated. It doesn’t sound like such a Good Friday now does it? And on the day He was crucified it certainly didn’t hold the term.

However, post-resurrection today is a Good Friday because if there is no Friday, there is no Sunday. If there is no crucifixion, there is no resurrection. It was the worst day ever that ushered us into the best day ever. So we don’t forget this day because our salvation came at a cost that was paid for on Friday. Today is good because Jesus didn’t have to die. He willingly took this cup and walked this path. So as we anticipate the resurrection and prepare for Sunday don’t forget today. It’s a sober day. It’s a hard day, and still, it is good.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ. May I never forget the price paid for my salvation and live a life of gratitude to You in response to Your ultimate act of love for me. In Jesus Christ Name I pray. Amen.

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