How to Speak the Truth in Love

Originally published Tuesday, 07 March 2017.

Today I want to discuss one of the most challenging things we will have to do in life and that is correct or confront someone in the wrong. Maybe it is a friend, a church member, a child, or a family member. If you’ve lived long enough you know there are a million ways we can get this wrong but I’ve learned there is one way we can get this right. The Bible instructs us to speak the truth in love. So how do actually speak the truth in love? What does that mean and how can we practically do that in our relationships and conversations? We’ll be answering all these questions and more in today’s video.
Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the relationships and influence you have entrusted me with. I pray I serve You and others well with my words. May my speech build others up for your glory and not tear them down. I love You. In Jesus Christ Name I pray. Amen. Thanks for watching Beloved and if this week’s video blessed you please share it with a friend. You never know who might need some Beloved encouragement today. I also want to invite you to visit to sign up to have my weekly devotion called "Hello Beloved!" delivered directly to your inbox every Monday morning. And for more encouraging videos be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel at you are loved, Christina