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day four : multi-tasking

Originally published Monday, 06 October 2014.

one of the things that is really important to me with this 31 days challenge is that i be genuine. often my general frustration with blogs and social media in general is how much they convey that we have it all together.

i don't have it all together.

as i write this, it's midnight on friday night and i am exhausted. i never actually ate a real meal today unless you count cheese-its. there is a curling iron lying in the middle of my living room floor where it was been since tuesday along with a lot of unopened mail and an empty cupcake carrier. i haven't done laundry in two weeks. i haven't gone to bed before 1:00 a.m. since monday.  i feel like i live in my grey windowless office. if i'm going to be genuine this month, there it is. the honest truth. i would like to point out that i did shower today, so there's that.

electing to do a 31 day blog challenge during what might be the busiest month i've ever had at work probably wasn't the best decision i've ever made and when i sat down tonight to write a post before bed i knew i just needed to be honest. i promise there will be much more engaging and creative posts to come this month. i have a lot of them lined up and i'm really excited about them. despite the exhaustion, i'm actually still really motivated by this challenge. the energy i get from writing and planning for this month has kept me awake these past few nights - even at 2:00 a.m. when i finally make it to bed. it's catapulted me into my work this week and given me energy to open my Bible with anticipation. i'm having a little taste of what it feels like to make time for something i love and understanding how much the joy of making that a priority can translate into other areas of my life.

so i promise there are more interesting posts to come. lots of them. but tonight. tonight i just really really need to sleep.

thank the Lord for weekends, am i right?

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image via britta nickel