The Art of Adoration

Originally published Monday, 13 August 2012.

Last weekend, my husband and I stopped by a prayer meeting that was going on at our church. At one point, we went around in a circle and prayed through the different elements of ACTS praying: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.

When we got in the car, my husband said, "Isn't it funny how when we're supposed to be adoring God, we just end up thanking him for who he is?"

My mind rewound to the prayer meeting: During the session of "Adoration," we took turns praying things like, "Thank you, God, for your goodness," (or "your love," or "your immutability," etc.).

"That stuff belongs under thanksgiving not adoration," my husband continued. "It's not like I say, 'Thank you for being pretty,' or 'Thank you for being so nice.' No, I tell you that you are pretty or nice."

It stunned me a bit how true it was. Even moreso because I had never really thought twice about it.

It got me thinking. If God were really a person and we were really having a conversation, how would I compliment him? What would I tell him I love about him, without feeling like I need to thank him for it, just telling him that I love these certain aspects about him?

You are strong and you keep me safe when I am scared.
You are handsome and dashing and such a gentleman. Such a bridegroom.
You are compassionate, in the way that you deal so gently with me, even though I don't deserve it.

And it was like that unlocked something in my time of prayer.

I thought about how much it means when my husband compliments me and affirms me in areas that matter to me. I realized, for perhaps the first time, what it must mean to God to hear his people gush to him about his attributes, his character, in a way that is pure flattery, pure appreciation, pure relationship.

I am learning, ever so slowly, what it means to adore Him...

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