Whether We Fall or Fly

Originally published Monday, 27 January 2014.

“Sometimes you’ve got to step out in faith before God tells you yes or no.”

In what felt like a hopeless situation, I turned to a trusted chaplain for advice, encouragement … or maybe just some words to help me sort out the mess of confusion in my head. I had found myself again watching a long-held dream of mine shatter to the ground. This time for sure I thought it was going to work out, but instead it slipped from my hands just like before.

With that one sentence about faith, I felt the question was back on me. How much faith do I have in this situation? Am I willing to walk in obedience and take a step outside of my comfort zone not knowing how everything will fall into place?

I’m the girl that makes detailed lists to plan, I’m the girl that likes to know exactly where she’s going when she’s driving somewhere new, I’m the girl that doesn’t enjoy doing things unless she can do them accurately. More than anything, I’m the girl that longs to know how things are going to turn out when it comes to her life dreams, the dreams that have felt shattered far too many times.

However, I’ve felt God asking me to step out in faith with this fallen dream. A natural-born second guesser, I’ve overanalyzed and overthought this from every angle. Maybe He doesn’t really want me to take that step, maybe I’ll look stupid or silly, maybe I’ll say or do the wrong thing … or maybe it just might work out okay.

But God’s not going to let me know the answer until I take that step. Walking in obedience is hard especially when it requires us to do something that’s scary. However in this act, He builds our trust because whether we fall or fly, our Lord will be there beside us.

Trust Him.