Jesus Wept

Originally published Thursday, 05 September 2013.

"Jesus wept." –John 11:35

It may be the shortest verse in the Bible, but it speaks volumes.

The verse “Jesus wept.” is found in one of my favorite Bible stories. Mary and Martha’s brother, Lazarus, has died and Martha rushes out to meet Jesus and tells Him that if He would have been there, her brother would still be alive. She knows with all of her heart that Jesus has the power to save. So, she can’t help but wonder why didn’t He come sooner? Why did Jesus let Lazarus die when it would have been so easy for Him to save her brother?

Meanwhile, Martha’s sister Mary, distraught with grief, stays home. She doesn’t go outside until Martha comes and tells her that Jesus is asking for her. Immediately, Mary rushes to meet Jesus. Overcome with sadness, she falls at His feet and cries that if Jesus had been there her brother wouldn’t have died.

She knows the power that rests in Jesus; she believes and knows He can work miracles. So, why didn’t He show up when she needed Him most of all? She can’t understand it; all she can do is throw herself at His feet and cry out to Him.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been in Mary’s shoes. We’ve all had moments in our lives when life just doesn’t make sense. We know that Jesus can do anything so why didn’t He do what we desperately prayed He would? Why didn’t He show up like we wanted Him to? Why is He letting us suffer?   

But do you know what happened next in the story?  

He didn’t tell Mary to stand up and pull herself together.

He didn’t tell Mary to be thankful for the blessings in her life.

He didn’t tell Mary that she needed to let go and move on.

Jesus wept.

He wept with Mary.

Deeply moved and troubled, Jesus cried with her even though He knew what was to come.

Jesus knew that Lazarus would be resurrected. Yet still He wept.  

The image alone brings tears to my eyes because I know He’s wept with me … in my pain, in my sadness, in my confusion.  Even though He knows that it’s all being worked out for my good, He simply holds me in His arms and weeps with me.  

When all I can do is fall at His feet and cry out in pain, He cries, too.

He weeps with you, too, in your pain, your heartache, your struggle. Never forget that He is there waiting for you to rest in His loving arms.