The Importance of Sharing Your Story

Originally published Tuesday, 10 April 2012.



How long has it been since you heard someone shout out what Jesus has done for them?  How long has it been since you did the shouting?

The importance of sharing your story

The world loves to hate Christians, don't they?  Those who don't share our beliefs love to prey on us, seeking out opportunities to destroy us by our own testimonies.  Finding a Christian participating in sin is like finding a shiny $50 bill on the ground.  The media takes every opportunity to make us look like nuts on television and in the news.  And Christian leaders?  Whew! To find one of those guys in sin is like winning the lottery.  They'll be newsworthy for years to come, maybe even landing themselves a place in the history books (or Psyc books) so that students for ages to come can know how silly it is to make radical professions of faith about a God Who can't really change people.

What the world doesn't understand, is that failure is a vital part of our testimony.  Failure is the very reason we need a Savior. And every single one of us has failed in the arena of life.  

Each of us guilty before a holy God.  The world sees our failures as proof that there is no redemption, no healing in Christ.  But as Christians, we know that our failures are what drive us to the Cross.  Our failures are what give us the opportunity to see God working and know His loving kindness. They allow us to feel the depth of His grace, unmerited favor for those of us who believe.  Our failures lead us to repentance, and repentance leads us to forgiveness.  Forgiveness is worth any amount of public ridicule or unfavorable infamy.  Forgiveness is worth our all.

Come See a Man!

The Samaritan woman knew the weight of failure.  Much like the weight of the water jug she carried in the heat of the day, her failures hung about her shoulders pulling her down and reminding her of who she was.  An adulterer.  Married five times and living with a man not her husband.  She went to the well at the hottest part of the day to avoid the stares of the people who had watched her fail over and over and over again.  She thought that day would be just like any other.  Until she met Jesus.

In a world where Jews and Samaritans didn't mix, the man Jesus saw into her heart and gave her a drink of living water.  With a few words from the One Who changes everything, the Samaritan woman went from hiding her failures to bursting forth into praise and shouting, "Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ?" (John 4:25).  Shedding the weight of her shame she came out of hiding that day.  She no longer cared to hide her sin. No, now she was proclaiming it!  Giving glory to the One who knew her, loved her, changed her, redeemed her.  And in her excitement she ran to tell everyone else.

Can't you just see her?  Free from that heavy water jug. Free from caring what others thought of her. Free to dance.  I picture her skipping, jumping, dancing in that freedom into the town...right into it shouting, "Come, see a man!" Like a little girl dancing carelessly in a field of flowers...

When was the last time you danced in the freedom of your forgiveness? When was the last time the joy of your salvation overwhelmed you such that you shouted to anyone who would listen, "Come see a man!"


Come see a man! (Who has saved me from my sin!)

Come see a man! (Who has saved my marriage!)

Come see a man! (Who has provided for my needs!)

Come see a man! (Who pays my bills!)

Come see a man! (Who has brought back my prodigal child!)

Come see a man! (Who has healed my sickness!)

Come see a man! (Who loves me and gives me favor!)

Come see a man! (Who shed His blood to give me righteousness!)

Come see a man! (Who gives me peace in the storm!)

Come see the man Jesus! The One Who changes everything.  Who has changed everything for me, and can for you.

So what's your story?  What has God done for you?  Of what have you been forgiven?  Of what have you been redeemed?  Share it now, so that others can come see a man, the man Jesus, Who can do the same for them.

What's your story?