You Are Not Alone

Originally published Wednesday, 24 April 2013.


Just as John Donne, priest and poet, proposes that every passing of a life affects all mankind, I propose that our actions affect mankind as a whole.

Take for example the playing of our three children upon the beach. Little E takes Joshua's truck. Joshy screams. Emily intervenes with physical force as I simultaneously begin giving orders. Where moments before there was peace and harmony in sand and sea, seconds later there is discord and strife.

One thought that often scares me is: people are watching when I least expect it. Someone whom I have never met may watch my interactions with my husband, children, or friends and be influenced by my behavior. People notice the manner in which we dress, react to news, pray, ...our Facebook interactions and Tweets and all the while we may live in oblivion to this fact.

Your life and example can affect not only my own choices...but I can allow it to affect my mood, insecurities, worries...

This week perhaps you have received unbelievable news that you did not expect. Where did this news drive you? To your knees... a gut check...despair? Perhaps all three in varying forms.

Dear one, you are not alone. As even this news reached your ears as reality, the Father knew it from before time began. He knows all, sees all, and will one day redeem all. I want to pray for you here today as you walk in the new reality the news has brought for you.

Father God,

You are maker of heaven and earth. Before each child breathes their first breath, You have already knit them together in their mother's womb and know each day they will live.

Help us not to waste this life you have given us!

When we are recipients of shocking news let us remember you hold the world in Your hand. The entire host of the heavens are called out by name from your mouth. When each star burns its last you are aware.

Please be with the grieving. Help us to remember that our actions can cause a ripple effect. Help us to behave in such a way as to bring about positive, God-honoring change and not contribute to the death and dying of this cursed world.

We long for the redemption of your creation. As we await your Son's second coming, we thank you for your common grace that allows for continuance of life on earth, and for your saving grace that turns sinners into blood-washed saints.

We love You Lord and ask for Your will to be done on earth as in heaven. Even so Lord Jesus, come soon.

In Jesus Name I pray,