Wooing Our Minds To His Majesty

Originally published Friday, 03 May 2013.

What woman doesn't love flowers? I myself am enamored with them.

On our honeymoon in North Carolina, Ron and I visited the Biltmore Estate. There are countless pictures of me with my nose in every rosebush and flowering shrub. Ron would laugh and tell me that I had pollen on my nose because I refused to enjoy the totality of the flowers' aromas from afar. I literally insisted on putting my nose into the flowers and breathing them deeply.

In flowers we glimpse the intricacies of the handiwork of God.

Consider the variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees. God was not beholden to man that He should satisfy our desire for sight novelty and beauty. That man would desire a visual marking of the seasons was already known to God before we had yet experienced the cool refreshing autumn wind, replete with blazing leaves,  or savored the warming sun of spring birthing rainbow gardens.

Plants are good for food, medicinal purposes, and capturing the artist's scope throughout the ages.

God gave plants both form and function for the enjoyment of mankind and as a tool to tell of His glory.

Our friends were over last night and gave an impromptu apologetic for creation based on plant species alone. In the course of our conversation Dr. Walp pointed out that the fully formed, fully functional plants, observed throughout all time, cannot be explained in any way by evolution. Nothing ties plants together in such a way that we would consider them to have evolved from each other. There are no fossil records to support such a claim (neither are there to support the evolution of man for that matter). Further, plants, animals, and humans enjoy symbiotic relationships. Symbiotic relationships are ones in which both parties need the other to survive (i.e. the bee to flowers and the upside down jelly fish to algae, or sea oats to sand).

In truth, there never have been millions of years of gradual, chance mutations and natural selections that produced the “intelligent” flowering plants that we see today. The intricate design of plants, as manifested by tiny proteins like AP1, testifies to the fact that an intelligent Designer created flowering plants. Plants “know” exactly when to bloom simply because, when God created them, He endowed them with the ability to perpetuate their kind. As Genesis 1:11 states: “Then God said, ‘Let all the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth’; and it was so”. (Evolution Can't Explain "Smart" Plants, Kyle Butt, M.A., via Apologetics Press)

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Today as you are walking, driving, or working in your yard, consider the flowers and the glory of God. His creation was formed in such a way as to point us to Him and provide