Unpacking Christmas: The Gift

Originally published Monday, 23 December 2013.

We entered the church foyer and beheld the grandeur of the towering tree adorned with red and golden hues. As is my custom, I paused to capture some of its beauty with my camera phone.

As I was taking the picture, Joshua paused with me and looked at the presents under the tree. I knew the presents were really empty boxes but his three-year-old perspective did not,"Are those presents for Jesus? When's he going to open his presents?" he asked. His child-like faith that Jesus would come and open His presents for His birthday melted my heart. I stooped down to explain, "Those boxes are empty and only for decoration. Jesus is the Present, buddy. He came so that we could live in heaven with God."

I am not sure if my explanation was sufficient, but I repeated, "Jesus is the Present."

Jesus is The Gift, dear friends.

This Christmas as we bustle to complete shopping lists, bake seasonal dishes, and finish tying bows on presents, The Gift and The Giver of all good things deserves to reign supreme in our hearts and minds.

With each moment of this Christmas: baking cookies, sharing presents, singing carols, looking at Christmas lights,  and worshiping with a body of believers no act of love falls to the ground even if the events themselves do because the Holy Seed of Israel has come and conquered death.

I haven't mastered the art of Christmas traditions in our family. We have plenty of December traditions:

Christmas Day presents a new opportunity for making traditions this year as it  will be the first year that we wake up in our house on Christmas morning before traveling to family celebrations in a neighboring state. However, The Gift, is the One that I want to honor and recognize this Christmas no matter how the events of the actual day unfold.

Merry Christmas dear readers! You are such a blessing to my heart. I find such peace and joy in writing in this little corner of the internet. I will meet you here after King Jesus' Birthday. May God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you this Christmas season.