Thoughts From Outside the Whirlwind

Originally published Monday, 22 April 2013.

I have a few very good girlfriends---some of the best sisters in the world---who are in the midst of a Godly whirlwind.

I've only really witnessed them from afar. They become absorbed, tossed and turned about in a stunning cyclone of changes. God says "go," and those who love him are carried quickly, opposite of the wind. 

When they land, they're so "not in Kansas anymore."

They come out of the cyclone, abandoning the black and white world they once lived in, and are released into the world of technicolor. And munchkins. And women with wands traveling by bubble. 

(Okay, sorry, I'll stop.)

But, it's like they step out of the cyclone and into Oz, into a life with incredible job offers, new houses, spouses, children, CD-releases, stunning  artwork portfolios, and yes, even book deals.


It's a time for utter celebration. Hard celebration. For clinking bubbling champagne glasses. For kicking off your heels and running with abandon. Fleeing to Christ. Fleeing to him. Like a horse running out of the starting gate in a race.

I've watched them all do this with complete admiration. From outside the cyclone. On the outside looking in at these beautiful, absolutely deserving of all happiness sisters caught in this whirlwind. Caught in the current of Christ.

And I think---Lord? Could there ever be a whirlwind coming for me?

I'm talking about an absolute, life-changing whirlwind. Something that swarms over you and never lets you be the same. I'm not talking about just romance or jobs---I'm talking about a full clear and present storm of being shuffled through the mix, all the while being able to see where you'll land.

Because when you're caught in the Godly whirlwind, you're sure to land where your purpose is. And I just haven't a clue where mine is.

To me, it seems like the weathervane has been rusted over tenfold. The winds aren't carrying me. 

Please, don't misunderstand: I am so utterly thankful for this season. But, life just feels a little slow. I'm living day-to-day like a lecture that will never end. Or the last half hour of work on a Friday afternoon.

Wishing, praying, writing for my whirlwind. Whatever it may be. 

And, as tricky as it is to not compare, to not count the blessings of others instead of my own, I want to be there for my girlfriends. I want to challenge myself to become absorbed in their happiness. 

With my feet planted firmly on the ground, I will wait for my whirlwind and cheer for those already in theirs.

I honestly have no idea if any of this makes sense at all. Or if I'm just talking to the wind. Either way, if you're in a stagnant, rusty weathervane season like me, just know you're not alone...

Anyone out there feel the same and want to work on counting your time on the ground as a blessing with me?