{Soul Rest Sunday} Let Love In. A Meditation & Prayer.

Originally published Sunday, 09 February 2014.

"Jesus, be the center,
Be my source, be my light Jesus, be the center,
Be my hope, be my song,
Jesus" ~ lyrics to Be the Center

We're standing at the cusp of a new week.

It's the week where the one thing that lies deepest surfaces --

the one thing dream we always dream of,

the one thing we wish we could step into,

like a warm bath drawn in the still of the night,

when all is quiet,

and the moon is resting,

and we can finally breathe.

That one thing that keeps us reaching out to find new  -- the embrace we want to find ourselves held in -- is love.

Love is what we all long for, yet we can feel so lost.

Let Love In


It's too deep for words.

So, Jesus tells us a story -- as He searched his Heart for some way, somehow, to let us in. To let us into where He dreams, where He  longs to be touched, where He wants to be known.

Come. And draw near. To Jesus. As you are.

See. In this very moment. What He longs to show you. What you've longed to show Him.

Listen. To the Inner Voice of Love. That whispers to you now. Let it echo in you.

Confide. In Him as friend to friend. What you've longed to whisper and ask. Let your voice echo to Him.

Soul rest.  It's soul beautiful.

A Soul Conversation

Step into this moment now to be with Jesus.

Right where you're sitting.

Look into His eyes.

See how He's relaxed and at ease with all that surrounds your heart and tightens your shoulders.

He completely understands the weariness of what it means to travel through life on earth.

Listen to Jesus as He tells you a story -- about His love -- for you. Enter into the soulful whitespace in Luke 15:1-7:

"Suppose someone among you
had one hundred sheep and lost one of them.

Wouldn't he leave the other ninety-nine
in the pasture

and search for the lost one until he finds it?

And when he finds it,
he is thrilled
and places it on his shoulders.

When he arrives home,
he calls together his friends and neighbors,
saying to them, ‘Celebrate with me
because I've found my lost sheep.' "

Where are you in this story?

Are you waiting, longing to be found? Or maybe you are sitting out alone in the middle of an unfamiliar journey, unsure about next steps?

Are you being carried, with the touch of His shoulders so, so real?

Do you hear the joy of intimate conversation between the two of you, as His heart swells with excitement for what He has planned for you? Or maybe you're standing at the cusp of celebration -- of His love for you -- with friends He's brought into your life. 

Do you hear His tender desire -- His whispers for you -- to be the beloved?

My Prayer

Jesus.  I'm not sure how I want to walk into this week.

Hold me. And tell me again.  What I already know.  But need to feel in my heart again to be true.

I want to be loved. And to love others without fear.

Help me to find myself.  

So I can be at home with who I am.

When you're with me, my heart feels brave.  To love and be loved.

Stay close to me.  I need you.

His Words

I see you. I see you right where you are.

You're not alone. I'm not going to leave you where you are.

I'm bringing you closer. Closer to me.

You don't have to try so hard. I want to do this.  

It's all I've ever wanted. Is to hold you. And love you completely.

Let me carry you.  And bring you back to home.

Let me love you.

Your Prayer

Let’s pray together today. Share the words that surfaced on your heart as read today's meditation -- as a prayer.

As we confide, we become the hands and shoulders of Jesus, carrying each other back home. Back to the heart of Jesus. Let's quietly make space for each other, offering our words as prayer.


Pull up a chair.Click to comment. 

You are among friends. In this quiet space.


By Bonnie Gray, the Faith Barista, serving up shots of faith in everyday life.

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Bonnie Gray is an inspiring Christian writer and blogger, serving up shots of faith in everyday life. Bonnie is founder of FaithBarista.com and featured writer for DaySpring (in)courage. Bonnie's debut book will be published by Revell in June 2014. Bonnie is a native Californian living in the heart of Silicon Valley with her best friend Hubby, wrangling their two heaven-sent boys on the homestead.

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