Paris Attacks: How Can We Pray When We Feel Vulnerable and Helpless?

Originally published Wednesday, 18 November 2015.

"Some knowledge is too heavy... you cannot bear it. Your Father will carry it until you are able." Corrie Ten Boom 

As I was reflecting and reacting to the tragic news of what's happened in Paris and thinking of the people who are suffering from the loss of those who have died, I think we are all left feeling vulnerable. Confused and scared. Because these are just everyday people enjoying a beautiful evening in a beautiful city, the city of lights – and it leaves us asking a lot of questions and trying to find words as to how we would pray or how we would think about what's happened.

As I was thinking about all this, God led me to a verse in Psalms 10:17, which is very, very comforting. I want to share it with you, that it can be a source of comfort for you and encouragement. In Psalm 10:17, it says that –

"Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless.
Surely you will hear their cries
and comfort them."

Psalm 10:17

I love that it tells us that those who feel helpless -- for those of us who feel hope can't be found, during those times in our lives we can't see where the hope is and we can't find it -- God whispers --

I know, I still see, I still hear the hope that is for you.

And I’m going to carry you through it.

I’m not going to let a hopeless situation destroy your hope.

Surely God hears our cries. It doesn't matter how long a season of crying lasts, how hurt we are, God hears our cries and he will comfort us.

I'd like to invite us to pray for those who are suffering from the loss, who are feeling hopeless.

Together as we pray for them, it'll also touch the places within us that feel hopeless and needs God's comfort.

And I think that is the beautiful thing about prayer – that during a time of sadness and tragedy – we can pray.

We can bring ourselves and those who are suffering among us with us in prayer – and we can all be with God and experience his comfort.

Share and leave a comment below. Let's pray for each other and pray for the people suffering in prayers.

God will hear us and reach out to comfort them wherever we are. I hope you have a good week and this encourages your heart.

Let's pray for those who are suffering and hurting.

Share a prayer below. Share what are your thoughts/feelings?

Pull up a chair.  Share a comment below. I'd love to hear what's on your heart.

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