Move Out of Autopilot Mode: Choose Your Worth By Choosing to Rest

Originally published Monday, 02 March 2015.


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For those of us who are encouragers, we're often shy about voicing our needs.

We don't want to add to anyone's burdens. We often liven in autopilot mode.

Especially if we find ourselves in a stressful situation, sometimes we are the most vulnerable.  

We're afraid to take time for ourselves because we don't really believe there's a place for us in this world, among our friends, apart from what we can do for others. We don't know our worth.

Sometimes it's the encouragers, the strong ones that struggle with our experiences - putting ourselves to the side.  As the strong ones, we feel we add to people's burdens, if we were ever to express or be in touch with our need.

Do you often live in "autopilot" mode & put yourself to the side when life gets frantic? I wondered if I was the only one, so I recorded an unscripted conversation with my friend Henriette. What she shared is so vulnerable & powerful. Click below watch today's Soul Mocha Video "Why Choosing to Rest Is Choosing Your Worth" & share your comments below.

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We don't want to feel weak. We're afraid others wouldn't love us if we couldn't offer them the strength we always give.

We may have adopted this as our coping mechanism when others around us struggle.  

We may feel it's the only way to feel in control. But, with God, there is one place we can let go of that heavy burden.

God doesn't need us to be in autopilot mode. God's heart breaks for us when He sees us moving through our days merely functioning, performing -- stressing -- and surviving.

God longs for us to be a child again.  It's all He ever wanted -- was to provide a place where we can just be me.  And find that little girl emerge again -- with all her stories, her needs and wants.

So He can comfort her, take care of her and put her first place in his heart.

So He can love her.

"Encourage her to believe. there is a place for her. comfort her when she cries.

be patient. show her kindness.

don't give up on the little girl on you and on me." -- excerpt from my book Finding Spiritual Whitespace.

We all long for. Someone to say --

i see you. i hear you.

i value your story.

let me love you.

take time to feed your soul. enjoy rest.

God wants us to make time to come to him. God wants us to be loved.

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"How precious are your thoughts about me, O God… Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. When I awake, I am still with you.” ps. 13: 17, 18

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