If You Long For Beauty: God's Winter Song For You

Originally published Tuesday, 24 December 2013.

"Through the many winters, Your touch brings me comfort Your song lifts me up and carries me to Spring... Through all the tears to come, All my many trials Till the end of my longest night, I will search for you..." ~ Michael McDonald, Through the Many Winters

Have you ever seen the snow fall in the moonlight?

It falls tenderly, fine like the whispers of a newborn's eyelashes, curling ever so gently as she dreams.

It cascades down through a clear winter night sky, floating, like the last autumn leaf carried down from yesterday's rainfall. I was bundled warm, making my steps slowly outside, enveloped by the safety of the mountains in a canyon.

It was so still.

And so dark.

And yet the moon shone so bright.

The trees all beautifully bare stretched their arms up, like a child reaching out to catch snow fall.

As I paused along the trail, I looked up at the stars dotting the horizon, I could hear the trickle of a creek echoing down below. It was a perfect night.

I was young then and yet, I understood what it meant to feel lonely. Alone.

Everything Beautiful and Quiet

Something about that moment, surrounded by everything beautiful and quiet, spoke to me.

I found my voice crying. Because beauty reminded me I wanted comfort.

I needed peace.

I wanted to be held.

I was tired.

I desperately wanted to rest.

But, I cried bitterly not knowing how. I wondered where God was in all this, and I felt so small and lost.

As I looked up at the stars through the blur of tears, they seemed to shimmer, dancing like water sparkling over pebbles running in the creek early spring.

Somewhere in my burning heart, that first star of Christmas that the wise men glimpsed one night and followed for oh-so-long -- across so many deserts -- moved in me that lonely night.

That Traveling Star

I thought about that traveling star.

How bright it spoke.

How that light brought them comfort.

How that light carried them one night at a time. One hour at a time.

Until it brought them to Jesus. Until it brought the search for hope to end in joy.

All the many trials, found along their search, yet the wise men did not stop.

Through Our Many Winters

Through our many winters, God will never stop carrying us on our journeys.

We can keep following.

As dark as the night gets, God's light will never disappear.

Even when our courage and strength fails us, God will give us the grace -- even if just for a moment -- to search for the light.

And He'll give us more grace to follow where it leads us, no matter where life's journeys take us.

Because one night, thousands of years ago, before you and I were born, Jesus knew we would need Someone, to help us make it through the night.

Jesus stepped into the darkness, to live every day and every night we have cherished and feared to embrace.

Jesus lived the hard life every day with purpose.

Because He wanted to become the Light that would make His home in us.

Forever and always.

A Sign

In the darkest of nights, God placed a star in the sky.

This star was a sign.

That I can keep journeying no matter how far I needed to travel.

Because Jesus is with me.

Jesus is my light.

As we journey into the last few days before Christmas, you may find yourself wondering what the new year holds for you. Your loved ones. Your friends. Or your dreams.

Find some alone time. For quiet. Journal some words. Read the Christmas Story when the lights have been turned down low. Enter a different space listening to music with the Christmas tree lit after everyone has gone to bed.

Give yourself permission to steal a moment to be alone with God. Reflect on the signs God has placed on your path.

And if the aloneness feels too hopeless like it did for me, dare to let someone in. Call someone. Tell them your story. Dare to be vulnerable. Even at Christmas.

Everyone, after all is in the middle of a journey. Everyone wants someone to come alongside them in the waiting, searching for God's light in new ways.

Jesus Himself chose to take the long journey home from a manger to a cross, so we don't have to travel alone anymore today.

God's Winter Song

Let beauty remind you.

We all need comfort.

We all long for peace.

You were made to be loved.

You were made to be held.

You were never made to be alone.

You were made to find rest.

Put on a warm coat. Wrap a scarf around yourself, slip your hands in some gloves, and quietly put on your hat. Step outside, if just for a moment. Look up as you watch your breath warm the winter air.

See the stars.

And listen.

Like snow falling through winter, hear God's winter song echoing --

I came for you then.

I'm here for you now.

You don't have to be alone anymore.

In the moonlight.

I see you.

I am with you.

I love you.

You can have peace, hope, joy and love with me.

Hear God's winter song in you.

You are His.

"Even the darkness will not be dark to you;
the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you."
~ Psalm 139:12


How is God using beauty to touch your heart this Christmas?

How are you following the Star God's placed on your journey of faith?

Pull up a chair.

Pause for a moment. Share your voice here. Click to comment.


Written by Bonnie Gray, the Faith Barista, serving up shots of faith in everyday life.

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Bonnie Gray is an inspiring Christian writer and blogger, serving up shots of faith in everyday life. Bonnie is founder of FaithBarista.com and featured writer for DaySpring (in)courage. Bonnie's debut book will be published by Revell in June 2014. Bonnie is a native Californian living in the heart of Silicon Valley with her best friend Hubby, wrangling their two heaven-sent boys on the homestead.

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Written by Bonnie Gray, the Faith Barista, serving up shots of faith for everyday life.

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