How Rest Remade My Heart as a Mom and the Hearts of My Children (A Special Podcast with Kat Lee Inspired to Action)

Originally published Monday, 29 June 2015.

Rest. It’s not something moms often give themselves permission to enjoy.

But, making room for rest and prioritizing nurturing my heart hasn't just changed my relationship with God.  It's completely remade me as a mother -- and it's transformed how I parent and how I view my children.  And most incredibly beautiful, it's transforming the hearts of my children and given me a growing confidence to guide and build deep, authentic relationships with Josh and Caleb.

Before finding spiritual whitespace, my life as mom felt like an ending test of strength and will and perseverance.  I was parenting and loving my children out of obedience, which God honors.  But, since taking time and seriously prioritizing it -- even above many other things I thought I had to do in order to be a good mom -- my heart has been remade -- and continues to be renewed -- so that being a mother is flowing out of my heart.

I'm so excited to share these thoughts with you in a podcast I recorded last month with Kat Lee, as a guest on her fabulous podcast Inspired to Action.

I've done over 30 interviews about finding spiritual whitespace, but this is the first time I was invited to talk about finding rest -- as a mom -- and how it's impacted the lives of my children, my husband and me as a mom.

Join us as we talk about:

  • What is spiritual whitespace and why do we need it?
  • Why it’s ok to rest and create margin in our lives
  • The power of seeing our lives and our families as art and not a to do list

I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are on this topic!

Click below to jump over to the Inspired to Action podcast and listen to our conversation!

Soulful parenting.  It's my new way of guiding and loving my children and it has affected my emotional connection with my husband Eric.  The more I'm able to re-fill my heart with God by enjoying rest, the more my heart glows and my family is blessed by that warmth, energy and creativity.

I'm growing in a new freedom -- parenting out of sharing who I am with my children --- as I learn to discover more of myself with God -- and less about what I do.

Because the truth is, everyone longs to be beloved.

It's beautiful to realize the more we give ourselves permission to experience life as the beloved, our parenting and love for our husbands will flow out of that experience.

I loved hearing a couple comments listeners have shared.

It gives my heart joy to keep growing.  Because we are kindreds on this journey together.  Transforming the hearts of our children and husbands.  As God's Beloved.  As is.


How is God prompting you to give yourself permission to rest as a mom?

How would prioritizing rest impact how you see your children and family?

Who can you share today's encouragement with?


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