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Relishing God's Gifts to Us--Just Because

Originally published Tuesday, 30 September 2014.

He holds his hand behind his back, the glint in his eye telling me there's something I probably want there. I peak around but he turns, his grin widening at my obvious enthusiasm.

"What do you have there?" I ask, playfully tugging at his arm.

He flourishes a tiny bouquet of wildflowers, freshly picked from our front yard. I blush happiness at the small gift, and nuzzle my nose in the teensy flowers just to show him how much it means to me.

"Why did you do that?" I look at him, curious at his sudden romanticism. He shrugs his shoulders. "Just because."


I rub my eyes as I walk into the kitchen, fastening the blue robe around me as my feet pad the cold floor. My mind's already racing with the day's to-do list, and I glance at the clock on the stove, disappointed that my snoozing antics led yet again to less time for my morning devotions than my pre-bedtime optimistic self had hoped for.

I sigh, feeling the burden of falling short yet again, and pour myself a large glass of water. As I lift the glass to my mouth, my eyes look up and out the window... and there, in the stillness of the night, the most breathtaking display of light makes the glass stop in midair.

My breath catches in my chest as I lean over the sink to get a better look. "Oh Lord, it's beautiful!" I whisper, as I watch the sun slowly peak over the horizon. "What a glorious display of Your creativity."

And to think that I miss this show of lights every morning.

Devotions entirely forgotten, I rest against the countertop and allow my soul to drink in His beauty.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. ~Psalm 19:1

Breathe in. Breathe out.

This, an act of worship, just as much as reading a devotion or singing a song.

Turning to the Father, resting my head against His shoulder, thanking Him for such an unexpected gift this morning despite all my shortcomings, praising Him for all the good and wonderful things He's preparing for me that day, relishing His quiet assurance of eternal love for me.

Just because.

photo credit: macropoulos

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