How to Stop Procrastinating and Take Action!

Originally published Monday, 18 May 2015.

Want to know how to stop procrastinating? It’s easier than you think. Just one little step and you’ll be on your way…

“Tomorrow,” I tell myself. “I’ll get my act together tomorrow. I’m just going to have one last bite of this chocolate cake… one more day of sleeping in… one more Netflix-binge… one more saunter into the alley of pleasure… Tomorrow. I’ll get back to the straight and narrow tomorrow.”

Have you ever fallen into the “tomorrow” trap? I certainly have. In fact, I struggle with this lie every single day, thinking that what I do today won’t matter because I’ll make it up the next day. Whether I’m procrastinating good eating habits, time with God, marriage growth, or fighting addictions, I’d rather put off the hard work until another day.

But that next day never comes. And the pounds pack on. And my spiritual hunger wains. And my addictions grow stronger. And my marriage gets weaker.

There’s a still small voice that calls me back, and when I hear Him, I can choose to heed His call and run back to safety or I can precariously inch my way toward disobedience.

Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.
Hebrews 4:7

Either way, today’s decision makes tomorrow’s success or failure more likely.

The more I listen to the voice of God and walk in obedience, the easier my next step of obedience will be. As I develop the habits of spending time with God, eating healthy, taking care of my body, investing in my marriage, working at my craft, the forward motion will propell me forward.

The best way to stop procrastinating is to take action. Just take one tiny step forward, and the next step will be easier.

Ground breaking, I know.

Like Kat Lee likes to point out, an object in motion tends to stay in motion, while an object at rest tends to stay at rest. As I obey God and move forward, the next step will get easier, and the one after that, and so on. I just need to stop procrastinating what I know I should do and obey today. Tomorrow I’ll be glad I did.

So what is God calling you to do today? If you hear His voice, do it today, not tomorrow.

Tomorrow you’ll be glad you obeyed.

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