How to Get Started on Periscope

Originally published Monday, 15 February 2016.

Periscope is the new kid on the block when it comes to social media, and if you’re wondering how to get started on Periscope or why you should even consider it, well, you’re in the right place, friend.

Periscope is a live video streaming app which lets you watch and broadcast video from around the world in real-time. 

Like all social media, it can be a distraction, but it can also be a megaphone for the Gospel, and a great way to get quick, actionable tips from some of your favorite online people.

Here’s what I like about Periscope (both viewing and broadcasting):

  • You get to interact with some of your favorite bloggers, asking questions and giving feedback
  • You  connect with people on a deeper level because it’s unedited, live video happening in real life (sometimes hilariously so)
  • You can test new content ideas if you’re a blogger, or talk out a point when you’re hitting writer’s blog
  • You get to practice speaking in front of people (isn’t that a big fear for a lot of us?)
  • You connect with viewers from around the world

It’s really easy to get started:Wondering how to get started on Periscope? This stellar guide will show you the easy 5-step process

1. Download the FREE app either at the App Store or Google Play.

2. Sign up and choose your Periscope username. 

3. Follow friends on Periscope. You can start by following me (@asheritah), and depending on your interests, you’ll find many high-quality “scopers” to follow. Some of my favorite Christian living scopers are Kelly Balarie (@kellybalarie), MacKenzie Monroe (@BOLDturquoise), Cindy Bultema (@cindybultema), Crystal Paine (@moneysavingmom), Katie Reid (@katie_M_Reid), Jenn Long (@jennlong), and Nicki Koziarz (@nickikoziarz).

4. Watch and encourage other scopers. Click the TV icon at the bottom of the app to see who is live or has broadcast recently. If you catch them live, comment with your thoughts or tap the screen to give “hearts” as a way of showing you like what they’re saying. You can also share the scope on Facebook or Twitter. Scopes disappear in 24 hours, but you can catch replays on Katch (find me at

5. Plan and start your own scope! Once you understand how Periscope works and you have something you want to share, join the fun!

  • First, jot a few thoughts down (this will help you stay organized when you’re live).
  • Tap the camera icon at the bottom of the app.
  • Type in a title for your scope.
  • Hit “start broadcast.”
  • And you’re live! Video input defaults to your rear camera (facing out) so double tap the screen to switch to the camera facing you.
  • When you’re finished with your scope, swipe down on the screen and hit “end broadcast.”
  • Yay! You did it!

Easy, right? :)

You’re Invited

For the month of January, I’ll be hosting a daily (Monday-Friday) prayertime at 7:15-7:30 am EST. I’d love to have you join me in prayer.

  • Follow the instructions above to join Periscope.
  • Follow me (@asheritah) to get notified when I’m live.
  • Join me live 7:15-7:30 am EST
  • Comment with prayer requests, praises, or questions
  • Invite a friend to join us!

And remember, if you miss a scope, I’m saving them all on

What about you? Are you on Periscope? Let me know so I can follow you!

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