A Prayer to Overcome the Mid-Morning Munchies

Originally published Friday, 02 September 2016.

Have you ever hit the middle of the morning and felt the munchies monster attack?

I know I have. And even though I may have had a healthy breakfast, and even though I was planning a healthy lunch, those cravings can be enough to derail my entire day.

So I wrote this prayer for me and for you, a few words to help us fight off temptation and fix our eyes on Jesus.

When I feel like those cravings for an oreo truffle are going knock me over mid-morning, this prayer helps keep me on track

Dear Lord,

You created me and You know how I function best. But these cravings I have right now? They’re for food that satisfies me in the moment but doesn’t nourish my body, and they’ll probably leave me wanting more, making bad choices later today. I feel so powerless to resist them.

So I bring these mid-morning munchies to You and ask that You sanctify them.

Help me to find my satisfaction in You alone. Regardless of what I eat or don’t eat, help me find joy and pleasure and delight in You first and foremost. Teach me to run to You first, and to check my motives with You. Search me, o Lord, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any idolatrous way in me, and lead me along the path of everlasting joy in You.

Help me to make healthy food choices and to enjoy the food You’ve given me. Thank You for the good gift of food. Thank You for taste buds. Thank You for being such a good Father and giving good gifts. As I eat this snack, I want to celebrate You, as the One who gave it to me. If You take care of such little details as snacks, won’t You take care of the big looming problems I face in my day? You will. And I can rest in You.

So thank You.


Free Prayer Printable

I hope that prayer helps you as it has helped me.

I made this downloadable printable you can place in your prayer notebook, if you’d like. My desire is to help you grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus, any I hope this prayer will help. Just click on the image below or click here to download it to your computer, and feel free to pin it to Pinterest or share it with friends!

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