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Walls Down Wednesday

Originally published Wednesday, 25 September 2013.

I am so excited to extend an invitation to you today! Mary DeMuth has an exciting new book out titled “The Wall Around Your Heart.” As part of her book launch team, our midweek posts are going to center around the theme Walls Down Wednesdays.  A group of women in leadership from my church is using the book for small group discussion and I hope you’ll join us online! The book isn’t yet available for sale, but I’ve got a special sneak peek present to tide you over until October 15th when it releases! You can also preorder the book from amazonHere are the first two sample chapters, courtesy of Mary and Thomas Nelson. 

We’ve all had heartaches that we’ve responded to by building walls of self-protection. At some point in time though, our self-protection robs us of the fullness Christ came to give us. I know you will be blessed and challenged as we journey with Mary on the “pathway through the devastation. It’s not simple or simplistic, but it is truthful.”

When I first heard about her book, I was excited to read what the Lord would pen through her. I was thrilled to be part of the launch team and signed up for the ride without hesitation. I’d worked through a lot of walls. I knew the concept was good, healthy and needed.  As pages turned and the chapters completed, the reality hit. “OH! We’ve got work to do, Lord!” The Lord has been using this book to help me see the concepts of relationship walls from a new view. Mary also uses the Lord’s prayer as trail posts for the healing journey. I love the freshness her insights are bringing to this familiar passage. I know you’ll be blessed! If you’d like to join us, share your comments below or on facebook or twitter.

Here’s a snippet from Mary: