Valentine's Collection for Your Marriage

Originally published Monday, 10 February 2014.

Here's a collection of audio messages, articles and printables that we hope will be a blessing to you in your marriage during this Valentine season:


Let Christ's Love Fuel Your Marriage (Especially this Valentine's Day)
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, many of the husbands out there are starting to feel their palms sweat with the pressure of living up to the high expectations this holiday brings... Plus a Valentine's card printable complete with instructions to make your own scratch-off card for your sweetheart.

God's Purpose for Your Marriage
Before the drain of daily duties entered your marriage, did you have a vision of purpose in your relationship? Plus, a recipe for a fun, at-home date night complete with printables :)

The Ministry of marriage
What must we do for our marriage to be successful? Here are three Biblical points to ponder and put into practice to help your Christian marriage prosper. If you aren’t married but hope to be one day, these can help you direct your premarital relationships toward God's design...

Free Printables

Love Notes from Me & Jesus 
Fun little notes that use Scripture to love on your honey

Scripture Prayers for Couples
Praying God's Word over your marriage is one of the most powerful ways we can protect and nurture our love...

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