The Big IF - Faith, Wishes and Babies

Originally published Friday, 06 April 2012.

(April is infertility awareness month and I'll be posting a series of articles on the subject. Join us or pass the word along to someone who might need some encouragement as they also journey with God through unfertility.)

“You just have to have faith!”

That’s what I’ve heard over the years as my husband and I have walked the road of infertility. Just have faith.

Now don’t get me wrong.

If there was one, single, most important thing to have in this life I’d say faith ranks number one. It’s the key that opens the door of salvation and a relationship with God. It’s the thing that grows us, protects us and invites us to live out the purposes of God.

But where do we put that faith? What does it look like? What does it say?

Of all the things I’ve learned through our journey of waiting for God to fill our empty cradle, it’s been to have faith. But not a nebulous faith. And not a faith that says, “God will give me a baby.” But rather, a faith in God’s character.

We often apply the faith principle to mean - if I have faith, I will get what I want out of this situation. We can make the mistake of covering the sad, hard and difficult situations of life with this kind of I'll-get-what-I-want faith and turn up really confused, disillusioned and disappointed. I know. I’ve been there. Lived on that street corner.

When I have faith in God and His character (instead of faith in getting what I want), my faith says:

“I have no idea what is going to come of this situation, but I know You will be with me Lord!”

“I am hurting Lord, and I know that you see my pain and that you will bring something good from all of it.”

“Lord, I trust your goodness, sovereignty, and love. I will praise Your name no matter what!”

So as I walk the journey of not having children, whether God’s goodness and sovereignty brings them into my future or not, my faith is placed in Him. He is faithful, trustworthy, good, sovereign and loving - in that I can have faith! And He is the only One trustworthy enough for such a precious thing as our faith!

Remember, God's initial "no" is always for a greater "yes."

May God’s grace and goodness comfort you as walk through your day!

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And better yet, God sees YOU!

Come along with us on this month long journey to discover God's heart for those of us who are waiting for Him to fill our cradles! PS- Stick around for the rest of The Big IF series and if you have any friends who might be struggling with infertility, invite them along! April is infertility awareness month and we are highlighting this issue this month.