Summer Refreshment Series: Go Ahead and Laugh

Originally published Wednesday, 21 August 2013.

Sarah said, "God has made laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh with me. Genesis 21:6 NAS

I love this testimony from the woman who once scoffed with unbelief at the Lord’s plan. Her laughter that had at one time been derisive, was now turned to sheer delight over God’s handiwork in her life. 

Have you ever scoffed at something, only to later be completely caught up with joy over how God used it to bring you sweetness of soul, purpose, hope or guidance?

I remember attending a Christian conference where a particular speaker would bring one of the keynotes. He was fairly famous due to a series of tiny books. I read a couple of them and liked some of the points, but truthfully perceived his fame to be somewhat of a marketing ploy rather than the result of a unique anointing. Inside I kind of scoffed at this big man with his tiny books. As he climbed the steps to the podium and took his place, something changed. I could feel it. His words fell powerfully. No, not his words. The Lord’s words. As much as you could say another person was an anointed mouthpiece for God, I would say that was true of this man. I was so deeply moved by the message I went to find a private place to be with the Lord out back of the sanctuary as soon as the conference broke for lunch. The Lord had taken my breath away. My too-young-too-judgmental-too-arrogant heart was completely undone by a message that pierced the depths of it. I’ve been blessed to hear this preacher a few times since and have each time been amazed at the way the Lord worked through him. 

Rewind a few more years and I had my mind made up about love, romance and marriage. I was sure God’s word had it all wrong. I didn’t believe that people could love each other, be committed to one another, serve one another, and I certainly didn’t believe anyone was “destined” to be with anyone else. I didn’t believe in love at first sight or just “knowing” s/he was the “one.” I didn’t buy into the concept of purity or any of the other “churchy” notions. And don’t even get me started about wives being supportive help-mates to their husbands! With my scoffing laughter fresh in my throat, (and a desire for all my notions to turn out wrong buried deep down in my soul) the Lord turned my view of love, romance, purity, marriage, committment and relationship completely and delightfully on it’s laughing head. I was swept into a slow, long romance that began one night when the Lord whispered into my future husband’s ear “She’s the one.” That courtship blossomed into a marriage begun in grace-given purity, to a man more gentle, sweet and loving than I could have imagined. I pray everyday for the Lord to open my eyes to ways I can be a better helpmate to him. Who woulda thunk it!? No more scoffing, just delighted laughter over God’s so-much-better-plans for my life.

Has God given you laughter? Has He turned all those things you had so well figured out on their head? Laughter is good for the soul, especially when the Lord turns our scoffing disbelief to side-splitting joy--even if it means a good laugh at our own old ways of thinking! 

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