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Scripture Prayers for my Church Family

Originally published Friday, 07 October 2016.

Scripture prayers for churchOctober is clergy appreciation month, so it always turns my mind to more ministry related topics. My husband is a hardworking, multi-hat wearing pastor. I've been blessed to be his partner in this adventure. And one of the things I have treasure most has been prayer. When someone tells us they are truly praying for a burden we have or a decision to be made, it has been a lasting heart treasure for me.

So this month's download is two different sets of Scripture prayers. One set to pray for those who are in your church and many of them are for those serving. And the other is a set of Scriptures to use as you walk around your neighborhood or wait in the carpool lane at your kids' school. I hope you use and enjoy them!


Scripture Prayers for the Harvest (Praying for those around me to know Jesus)

Scripture Prayers for my Church Family