Marriage Expert Q & A with Pam Farrel

Every parent wants to help their children make wise choices. Now Bill and Pam Farrel, bestselling authors of Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti, bring their trademark humor and characteristic wisdom to one of the scariest topics of all: teaching kids about sex. With the lessons in this book, parents will be able to

  • clearly articulate God's view of sex
  • lay a foundation for healthy conversation
  • help their children internalize a godly value system
  • layer in valuable information so a child is prepared for each life stage
  • protect their children by giving them the right information at the appropriate time

This audio interview is packed with great tips and I was particularly surprised by the statistic Pam shared at the very end of the interview! I hope you are blessed and encouraged by it!

Full of real-life examples, biblical inspiration, and laugh-out-loud illustrations, 10 Questions Kids Ask About Sex will engage parents and enable them to succeed!


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