Managing Your Anger Before It Manages You

Originally published Monday, 31 August 2015.

Of all the emotions we struggle with, anger is perhaps the "easiest" of all of them. From grumbling frustration to rage, our hearts have all been home to this ugly feeling. For some of us the traffic is our trigger, sometimes it's a wrong word from our spouse that stirs us to angry defensiveness, or perhaps we find that our anger is most frequently directed at ourselves. (Confession: for me it has most recently been our precious little dog that has become quite the barker. He scares the living daylights out of our little one and just won't stop once he starts. It's one of those daily "practice points" for me!) Thankfully, as the Master Designer, the Lord, understands our hearts and has given us practical wisdom for this struggle from His Word. 

We are going to highlight the Lord's wisdom for our anger over the course of the next few blog posts. Searching for His wisdom and praying for His help to apply that wisdom to our daily lives is a regular discipline. Anger is probably one of the most rinse-and-repeat sort of things we deal with. Life is just full of opportunities for us to "practice" getting this emotion under the control of the Spirit! As we study through the pages of Scripture, we will be praying that God would do a mighty work in all of our hearts. 

Join us for this new series outlining the Scriptural guidelines for addressing our anger.

The series will include:
- Calming Quarrels in Your Home
- The Danger of Anger
- The Origins of Anger
- Becoming Slow to Anger
- Processing Your Anger
- Living Beyond Anger 

Be sure to join us on Mondays for this series and other encouraging resources at  We hope this series is a blessing for you!