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Originally published Wednesday, 26 February 2014.

Happiness is something that's been hardwired into our culture to seek out and prize. As Christians, we sometimes repackage that way of thinking into words that fit our Biblical perspectives a little neater. So instead of seeking happiness, we seek joy or contentment. But regardless of what words you use to describe that often elusive state of mind and heart, it's something we all want. In particular, we wish it for our marriage.

In my experience, there's nothing more burdensome than feeling at odds with my other half. And outside of my relationship with Christ, there's nothing more wonderful than feeling a shared joy and peace between us. Marital happiness makes everything better. 

In 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife, Arlene Pellicane gives us wives some important thoughts about how and where to find that desired happiness. Sometimes, we look for happiness in all the wrong venues and end up spoiling the sweetness the Lord desires to give us. Here's some of Arlene's tips:

  • Happiness is about contentment; it's not about comparison. 
  • Happiness looks out for others; it's not concerned only with itself. 
  • Happiness is at peace with God; it's not trying to win a popularity contest. 
  • Happiness is attained when you give it away; it's not achieved by hoarding. 
  • Happiness is saying thank you; it isn't saying I deserve better. 
  • Happiness can live in any circumstance; it doesn't have to have the exact right circumstances at all times. 
  • Happiness chooses to respect; it doesn't choose to retaliate happiness forget; it doesn't warehouse grudges


If your happiness as a wife could use some adjusting, grab a copy of Arlene's newly released 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife! Also, through March 15th you can enter our give-away to get your own free copy!

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